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Obesity Facts

OBESITY is one of the biggest problems in the United States directly harmful to one's health. Over two-thirds of adults are overweight and one in three American is obese. Obesity in children has grown largely, with approximately 20%-25% of children being overweight.

Obesity is a chronic health condition that can lead to life-threatening diseases such as:

- Diabetes

- Arthritis

- Hypertension

- Gallbladder Disease

- Elevated Cholesterol, Atherosclerosis and Heart Disease

- Liver Disease (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)

Overweight and obesity has been linked to other serious health conditions such as:

- Cancer

- Emphysema

- Chronic Bronchitis

- Kidney Disease

- Neurological Disorders

- Neuropathy

- Vascular Disease

- Skeletal or Joint Misalignments

- Muscle Weakness

- Restrictions in Motion



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